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First of all thank you for your interest in Greys River. Please look over our website and our hope is to give you the information you will need to come and give us a try for your Wyoming big game hunting, summer horseback trip or winter activity. We feel you have selected the best Wyoming Trophy Area and Big Game Outfitter in the state of Wyoming.

We are now booking for our upcoming Wyoming elk hunting season. We will be glad to assist you with your Wyoming elk hunting license application and schedules for your next trophy elk hunt in Greys River area. Here is a little information about our Wyoming elk hunting guide service and Western Wyoming area we call home.

Most people think of Colorado elk hunting, Montana elk hunting, Idaho elk hunting and sometimes leave out the adventure of a Wyoming elk hunt. Wyoming elk hunting is done on a point system for good reason the elk hunting done is for trophy animals. When planning your next elk hunt to Colorado, Montana, Idaho don't forget Wyoming. It will be one of the best decisions you could make hunting with Wyoming Greys River Trophies.

Our Wyoming elk hunting camp is located in the Bridger - Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming, 40 miles up the famous Greys River, just east of Idaho border.. Greys River hunt area is centered in a very productive Trophy elk hunting area with 6 point bull elk scoring well over 300 points. Our elk hunting area is very close to the Idaho border. If you ave ever been elk hunting Idhoa you know that you are in for an aventure. If you are looking for that monster trophy mule deer, Check out our tent camp for Wyoming trophy mule deer hunting. Mule deer measuring up to 30 + inches wide. Also in this area of Wyoming it is a moose hunting secret. Our Wyoming Moose hunting area has a good number of Boone & Crockett bulls and holds the third in the world record. Greys River area also has Wyoming spring bear hunting as well as fall bear hunting. The bear you will be hunting in this area have a great color contrast from black to blonde. Our Mountain Lion season is Nov. - Mar. We hunt mountain lions with hounds especially bred and trained for that purpose. As you can imagine while mountain lion hunting will also have a chance to tree some females along the way for some good videos or photos.

Share Our Wyoming Hunting Guide Success

Our hunting success is credited to the prime country in our area, the experience of our hunting guides and well-maintained equipment to hunt the rugged terrain of Wyoming. Our hunting guides put in long days, starting long before daylight, working with our clients, helping them hunt for their trophy animal.

Wyoming Elk Refuge

There is a winter-feed ground for the main Elk herd on Greys River, located just 5 miles from our camp. This assures you that the game does not migrate out of this area. The more snow, the closer the elk come. This feed ground has one of the highest Bull to Cow ratios in the state.

Species Application Date
Elk Jan.1 to Jan.31
Deer Jan. to Mar.15
Antelope Jan. to Mar.15
Moose Jan. to Feb.28
Sheep Jan. to Feb.28
Bear Buy over the counter
Mt. Lion Buy over the counter
Game & Fish license info. 307-777-4600


It is suggested that you be in the best physical shape possible, for this is a very rugged and strenuous country, similair to Idaho, with Elevations from 8500 - 11,000 ft. Horse experience is a plus but not required. Practice shooting your rifle off hand. A fast, flat trajectory caliber with 140 grain bullets or more and sighted in at 3" high at 100 yards is recommended. An average shot is 250 - 300 yards.


As Wyoming elk hunting outfitters and Wyoming mule deer hunting outfitters we spend countless hours of pre-season scouting for trophy elk and trophy mule deer, studying their habits and patterns. We as a Wyoming hunting guide work our client’s odds of having an opportunity to have a very successful elk hunt, mule deer hunt, spring bear hunt or moose hunt or mountain lion hunt.

Personal Gear

Rifle, Binoculars, All-weather boots
Ammo, Canteen, Extra pairs gloves
Knife, Rain gear
Sleeping bag, Pillow, Towels
Fluorescent orange hat, vest or jacket
You should bring one extra rifle per party and plenty of ammo.
Sight your rifles in at 3" high at 100 yards.

Wyoming elk hunting, mule deer hunting tent camp is very clean and well organized with wood stoves, good beds, shower tent with excellent meals. As Wyoming hunting outfitters we pride ourselves with the fact The Wyoming Outfitter Board gave this camp the best rating they can give.

Greys River Trophies have specially bred horses that are sure-footed, strong and gentle. All tack and equipment are well maintained. As a Wyoming Hunting guide are dedicated, experienced and give you 100% on your elk hunt, mule deer hunt, mountain lion hunt, bear hunt or antelope hunt.

Wyoming Hunting

A typical Wyoming elk hunting or mule deer hunting day begins about 4:00 AM with a delicious hot breakfast while your hunting guides get the horses saddled and ready for the long day ahead. Heading out on your elk hunt or mule deer hunt you will pack a lunch of your choosing and either mount up to hunt from camp or load the horses in trailers and truck to a fresh area of your hunting guides choosing. You will be in the saddle long before daylight, start your trek into the high rugged mountains, this putting you in prime Wyoming hunting country at the crack of dawn. We will glass the ridges and canyons for trophies feeding or traveling to their day beds. Most of the time we spot and stalk but in the heat of the day we sometimes set up drives or foot hunt. Evenings we go back to spotting and stalking. When you arrive at camp there will be a great hot meal, hot shower, exciting hunting stories, and a warm comfortable tent and bed.

Wyoming elk hunting or Wyoming mule deer hunting we suggested that you be in the best physical shape possible, for this is very rugged and strenuous country, similair to Idaho elk hunting and mule deer hunting, with Elevations from 8500 - 11,000 ft. Horse experience is a plus but not required. Practice shooting your rifle off hand. A fast, flat trajectory caliber with 140 grain bullets or more and sighted in at 3" high at 100 yards is recommended. An average shot is 250 - 300 yards.

Reasons to hunt with Greys River (a leading icon in trophy hunting):

1. The finest trophy area in Wyoming.
2. Professional, Experienced and hard working guides.
3. Clean and comfortable camp.
4. The best horses and equipment in the business.
5. Licensed and Insured

Our personal guarantee is to do everything within our power to make this hunting trip a very enjoyable and productive experience. Check out our website at www.greysriver.com for photos and information on the hunts and trophies taken this year.

Mountain Lion
Cow Elk
Wyoming Mule Deer or Elk D Camp
Non-hunter in camp add $250 per day


Thanks again for your interest in our business If you have other questions, need more information or help with applications or schedules write to Greys River, 5671 Bittercreek Rd, Afton, WY 83110
Email: info@greysriver.com

We are looking forward to meeting you and hunting with you this fall, good luck on the draw. If you are unsuccessful in the draw or too late to apply for a license please contact us for information on left over licenses for this year.

"Greys River Outfitters operates on the Briger-Teton National Forest under the use of a special use permit".
"Greys River Outfitters is a equal opportunity service provider “.

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